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By Charlie Huff

It’s amazing how we depend on the resources that God does supply for us. I was thinking the other day when I was feeling the cool, sweet water falling on my face. The sun was shining, warming up the earth. The sun warms the earth so the beautiful flowers can come up through the ground. The rain makes the trees grow and bloom beautiful fruit of pretty different colors. The earth is beautiful. When we finally come to our senses, we know that there is a Creator.

I think of the cool mines that are under the earth, put there long ago by God. The gas that we use comes from the earth, all put there by the Creator of it all (God). If it does not rain and the sun does not shine, the earth would die (and we, too). There are enough resources for all of us, and that’s the way our God planned it.

Man has said there is no God, and the Bible says that the father of lies is the devil. It seems like there are so many that don’t believe the truth of the matter. We were made in the image of the God of the world, and we should be thinking like Him. The Bible says do not lean on our own understanding, our thoughts are not as high as His.

When we stop and think without all that God has made, we could not exist. The fuel under the earth, the rain and sun that makes things grow, and all so beautiful. When we come to really know the truth, the Bible says the truth will set you free. We want to be on top, we want to be first, we want to be right all the time, we talk too much, when we ought to listen more. That’s why God made two ears and one mouth.

Some will not like what I say, but I’m beyond the voice of the negative and the nay-sayers. The Bible is truth, and it says not to let anyone deceive you and take you down the wrong path. Plain and simple, it’s about God and not about me. I know where my help comes from, it comes from the one true God that made me.

I see so much wrong in the world. We seem to not care about what truth really is. He said that He is God; there is to be no other god before Him.

I love to write about who God is and what He has done for me all my life. There has been some trouble in my life, but I brought it on myself. And yes, there have been some times when God had to discipline me. The older we get, the more we are to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God. I want to live my life to please Him and to show others that a holy life leads to heaven.

When someone opposes me with some negative, wants an answer, it will be all positive that I tell them. I’m done with fighting and wanting it my way. It’s God’s way. It took me a few years to really get on board. I’m a new creature, and I try to life day by day to please the Father in heaven. We can’t do it on our own. We have to let the Holy Spirit guide us. We have to listen to our heart and not go on whatever our mind tells us.

I kind of got off track, and started talking about how great our God is. I started this letter talking about all that God has made, so we all can live in peace together. He made it, and there are so many that want to have more than they need. We are only going to be here for a very short time compared to eternity. We take nothing with us when we leave, and furthermore, it belongs to the Creator. The earth is beautiful, all kinds of trees, flowers, birds, fishes under the sea, and beautiful people, the sun shining through the clouds, the sweet breeze, the stars and moon at night. Wow, and I could go on and on.

A holy God had this plan to male it all for you and me to have a beautiful life together here. When it’s all over, the ones that acknowledge who God is, will win in the end. One more thing, evil is not going to last much longer, so choose the pathway today that you will travel. Jesus is the way, truth, and the life (my life).

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest religion columnist.

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