Local engineer to examine residential flooding issues

By Linda Collins For the Herald

August 2, 2014

MAD RIVER TOWNSHIP — Residents in the Green Meadows and West Enon Estates subdivisions in Mad River Township will soon see several individuals, with maps in hand, walking the streets of their neighborhoods and knocking on the doors of some residents.

The township trustees have hired a local engineering and design firm to perform a detailed study of the ongoing flooding issues in the two neighborhoods, as the township begins the process of effectively addressing the problem.

During a special work session on Monday, July 28, Trustees Kathy Estep and Bob McClure consulted with Kristin Eggeman, a licensed civil engineer and owner of Eggeman Engineering and Consulting, LLC, about the apparent need for infrastructure improvements that would handle excess water flow in the lower areas of Southern Vista and West Enon Drives. Township trustees previously approved hiring Eggeman for the consulting project during Monday, July 21 township meeting

“We have had problems with flooding in that area for many years and have met with representatives from the county engineer’s office,” McClure told Eggeman. “Our goal is to find a cost-effective way to resolve the problem.”

McClure explained that the general flow of the water in the area and the buildup of vegetation, as well as undersized drainage tiles along Southern Vista Drive, were some of the contributing factors to the flooding problems. However, he pointed out that the recent clearing of the 112.06-acre parcel, which is located at 6766 Stine Rd. and borders some of the homeowners’ properties, may have possibly intensified the existing water-flow problem for township residents.

“These neighborhoods were also built years ago before certain county zoning codes and regulations were established that would have prohibited some of the ways subdivisions were constructed back then,” McClure noted.

Estep said that trustees are hoping that Eggeman will be able to identify the underlining issues and determine what short-term and long-term solutions will be most effective. Eggeman, who is being paid an hourly rate of $100 per hour, said she anticipates completing the study in around eight hours.

“I am very effective with my time,” said Eggeman. “I should get the project done in about a day.”

According to Eggeman, her study would include an examination of the township’s topographical maps, analysis of the area waterways, an assessment of the culverts and drainage systems in the neighborhoods, a review of previous flood levels, and a visual examination of the critical areas in the township.

Estep stated that the township would continue to examine several sources for funding the project. Eggeman recommended that the township apply for a safety grant because the flooding issues posed a safety threat in some areas of the township. She also explained that the township would benefit from using her as a consultant because a number of grants required a Professional Engineering stamp as part of the grant application process.

Township resident Pam Weaver, who resides at 7033 Southern Vista Dr., presented numerous pictures of the flood waters that had engulfed her property and Google maps of the area before the clearing of the Stine Road property to Eggeman. Weaver said the pictures document the damage to her and her neighbors’ properties.

Eggeman is planning on visiting the two neighborhoods on Monday, Aug. 11 and talking with residents.

“I want to return to the township and discussed both short-term and long-term strategies for reducing more flooding in the future,” Eggeman said.

Linda Collins is a freelance writer covering Enon for the Fairborn Daily Herald.