The Obama Show script

By Mike Scinto

June 25, 2014

If it had been written as a Saturday Night Live skit it would be funny. Unfortunately there’s nothing comedic about the real events as they continue to unfold for President Barack Hussein Obama and the American people.

As word reached America about Iraq collapsing at the hands of Sunni militants and city after city falling in the march to Baghdad, where was our Commander-in-chief? Was he in the war room with the Joint Chiefs Staff? Was he consulting with Congressional leaders on our next moves?

Was he on the phone with world leaders contemplating a strategy as the nation where so many Americans spilled their blood and so many billions were spent in a war to liberate the country was falling to insurgents? No, at that particular moment he was walking to a nearby coffee shop in Washington commenting to some school children about the colors of their M&Ms, using the moment as a photo op with some of those kids then scurrying back to catch Air Force One to fly to Palm Springs for a four day golf outing.

To be sure, Mr. Obama did instruct his staff to come up with some solutions to this crisis unfolding more every minute; with instructions not to interrupt his game unless absolutely necessary. As the leader of the strongest nation in the world was teeing up on #15, Iraqi soldiers, military leaders and civilians were being beheaded, their bodies stacked in the streets and militants taking control of virtually every part of Iraq. I suppose if he were interrupted during a shot he could take a mulligan.

I’ve honestly tried not to politicize my comments on this President giving him some benefit of the doubt that his inexperience was guiding, or misguiding his actions. But I’ve come to the realization that he doesn’t get it, doesn’t care to get it and if anything he takes on doesn’t glorify him, why bother.

Just when I think he can’t do anything else unthinkable, he writes a new chapter. Comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and sitcoms usually fold up shop for one reason; they run out of ideas for bizarre scripts. I guess if this presidency were a comedy show it would never go off the air. The star of the show always seems to outdo his previous “episode”. The only problem is that nobody’s laughing any more.

Mike Scinto is a 37-year veteran talk show host serving locally, statewide and nationally behind the microphone. For the past dozen years he has authored this award-winning column. “Friend” Mike at http://www.facebook.com/mikescintoshow or visit http://mikescintocolumns.blogspot.com.