Tornado touches down in Cedarville

By Zachary Gregory

May 15, 2014

CEDARVILLE — A tornado touched down Wednesday evening just slightly after 6 p.m. in Cedarville. Multiple houses, including a home, barn and silo at Barber and Weimer Rd., were damaged in the storm. Severe weather moved through the Greene County area before the rotation formed a tornado that touched down twice.

The Cedarville police chief told WDTN that seven people were trapped in the basement of the home located at Barber and Weimer. Rescue workers freed the family and any injuries were reported to be minor.

Robert Dobbins, 71, told WTDN that he, his wife, a friend and her three children were in the home. Dobbins said he saw the storm coming and headed for the basement. They stayed there until first responders got them out safely.

WDTN contributed to this story