An ad man who is a made man for blood donations

March 29, 2014

DAYTON — Fairborn blood donor Ron Schroeder is a retired advertising agency owner now enjoying a spirited “second career” after retirement as a musician. He’s a person who enjoys creativity and making people happy, which also explains why he is a dedicated blood donor.

Schroeder made his milestone 70th lifetime donation Thursday, March 13 at the downtown Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC).

Ron sold his business, “The East Point Group,” five years ago. A fond memory from his time in the advertising business is from 1999 when the Dayton Dragons came to town and became his favorite client.

“A great organization,” he said. “I was fortunate to work with them a year before the first pitch was ever thrown. It was probably the best gig I ever had. It was a lot of fun! They’re still breaking records, selling out every game of every season since the very first game.”

Ron has traded the drawing board for a guitar.

“I’m now playing music around town with my guitar and singing,” he said. “A lot of the places I play are nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I’ve got songs from the 1800’s to the early’40’s. I’ll play something like, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ For a lot of the audience, that’s something that really clicks with them and they enjoy it.”

He also borrows jokes his children have found in old joke books. “What do you call a cow with no legs?” he says by example. “Ground beef. They’re so corny, people love that.”

Better than the laughs and the applause is the satisfaction from connecting with people who may be lonely. “One lady said to me, you actually talk to us, and that’s so nice.”