Jamestown home rocked by explosion

By William Duffield Staff writer

March 20, 2014

JAMESTOWN — Emergency responders were called to a house on South Buckles Avenue after receiving a call from a Jamestown medical facility about a man with burns, and found that a possible meth lab had exploded at that home.

According to Jamestown Police Chief Rodger Tyree, authorities became suspicious of something happening at 10 South Buckles when a resident of that address went to the Jamestown emergency center with severe burns.

“(ER personnel) let us know that they had a victim who had been burned severely at 10 South Buckles,” Chief Tyree said. “He hadn’t used emergency medical service to get to the emergency room, and that makes you a little suspicious.”

Tyree said an investigation was started and they found the home had been heavily damaged.

“There was damage to the wall that blew out the window and caused separation of the wall and roof,” he said. “We also discovered additional propane tanks inside the residence, so we are thinking it might have been a meth lab.”

Tyree said that five homes near the site of the explosion were evacuated in case of more explosions.

Although Tyree did not identify the man who was burned, he did say he was a male in his early 30s. The man was CareFlighted from the Jamestown ER facility.

He also said the ACE Task Force was on site of the explosion and officers from the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation was to arrive soon.

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