Xenia Board hires superintendent pro tem

By William Duffield bduffield@civitasmedia.com

February 11, 2014

XENIA — The Xenia Board of Education selected a superintendent pro tem and the next superintendent for Xenia Community Schools as the board hired Denny Morrison as the new CEO of the company known as the school district.

“We all have a tremendous stake in the future of the children of Xenia,” Morrison said. “I would like the thank the board for giving me this opportunity. They’ve put in several hours in this search. I hope I don’t disappoint them. This board does its homework. They’re not afraid to take a stance.”

Morrison said the work of the district is to turn out good citizens as well as educating the students.

“The effectiveness of a district cannot be judged by the scores of a test on a certain day or week,” he said. “It is the values that the students are taught just as much. We need to act and act now. We cannot let any child slip through the cracks.

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what a ship is built for. Lets be bold lets be courageous.”

Morrison will officially start as superintendent pro tem on Feb. 17.

In other action, the board of education voted to rescind the public censure of board member Dr. Robert P. Dillaplain that was voted on by the previous board. The board also agreed to an approved settlement between Dillaplain and the district.

The board also heard from Xenia High School principal Ted Holop, who was acting as superintendent pro tem prior. Holop had been tasked with coming up with a communications plan for the district.

“I have come up with a draft,” Holop said. “This plan focuses on a two way communication. There needs to be a collaborative when it comes to problem solving.”

Holop said the most important part of the communication is the board. He said the board should be open to hear from the public. He added that the board should hold work sessions.

A superintendent is the next important and has “big work to be done,” Holop said. He suggested starting a team that would help in communications — the Buccaneer Team would have to be a strong team where each member knows the role they play and can get the job done.

He added that the superintendent needs to be visible so the public can put a face with the name. This would lead to building trust.

Holop’s draft included the role of the treasurer, building principals, teachers and support staff with each role helping communicate.

Principals, for example, have to be able to invite parents to participate in the school early and genuinely and there needs to be a way for the central office to support these principals and get parents involved at the classroom level.

Teachers need to offer exciting, vibrant teaching every day to help the students learn.