Letters to the editor

February 11, 2014

Best economic president ever?


Under this current administration, the number of Americans on food stamps, welfare, and other entitlement programs has grown drastically. And although the unemployment rate has been inching down, it is a misleading number owing to the number of people who just quit looking for work and the number of part time workers hired.

The disparity between the rich and poor has increased, and the middle class is shrinking. There are fewer jobs for more Americans and our paychecks continue to shrink. Best economic president ever?

Froma Harrop (“Obama may be best economic president ever” column Jan. 15) would also have you think that only presidents effect the economy. May I remind readers that former president Clinton’s success was during a time of republican house and senate rule? And president Obama had democrat control of both the house and the senate for his first two years in office and yet accomplished nothing.

Let us also not forget that the housing bust under then president Bush was worsened because democrats would not heed Bush’s warning about fannie mae and freddie mac.

Harrop cites Bob Deitrick in her commentary quite a bit about how democrats are so much better for the economy, but doesn’t understand why democrats don’t “trumpet their economic triumphs”. I maintain that its because the truth would come out.

That there is plenty of blame to go around in BOTH parties. And to blame one party for all our ills is as wrong as one party taking all the spotlight for what goes right.

Froma Harrop is a left wing political hack who does not deserve the ink wasted on her in this editorial section.

— Connie Gilbert, Fairborn

Senator Brown not helping


As usual, Sen. Brown misses the boat when it comes to what will really help the “middle class.”

Increasing the minimum wage will not help the “middle class.” Extending unemployment benefits will not help the “middle class.” Those will only cost cosumers more, create fewer jobs, and end up being payed for by the very taxpayers he claims this will help.

Educating workers for”high growth industries” has merit, but just where are these jobs?

Later in his commentary, Sen. Brown touts his bill the “Fair Minimum Wage Act.” And that has what to do with the “middle class” in America? Would it lift all minimum wage earners into “middle class” status? No? So what is his point in mentioning it then?

He ends his commentary by saying “Ensuring a fair wage is good for ‘middle class’ families and good for the economy.” Okay, explain to us exactly how that is Senator.

The real answer to helping all Americans is to pass the FairTax (HR25/S122), the people’s bill. And let me explain exactly how it helps.

The FairTax gives you a raise because you would no longer be paying federal taxes. No more Social Security taxes either. As a matter of fact, there would be no more federal deductions. You only pay the FairTax when you buy new goods and services. And you don’t even pay that until you’ve used up the prebate each and every American citizen gets.

Corporations don’t have to collect the hidden tax of corporate taxes anymore either, thereby reducing the costs of new goods and services. The FairTax would also treat small and large businesses the same wether its a corporation or a mom and pop store. Fairness, that is what its about as well.

Talk about helping the middle class? Or do something that really helps all Amercans? The choice is ours. The responsibility is ours. The future demands it of us. We cannot and must not wait on our legslators do do what is right.

Learn more about the FairTax by visiting www.ohfairtax.org or attend a local meeting and ask questions. Once you understand it, you will demand it.

— Frank Gilbert, Fairborn