We need to say no

By David Buccalo

December 20, 2013

By David Buccalo

The RINO stampede is here; better hold on to your hat. A Washington D.C. bailout right here at home. Who needs Washington insiders to impose liberal spending policies when we have county commissioners with itchy figures and desire to strike a big deal.

If you thought Obama was good at giving money away wait until you see what the Greene County Commission is getting ready to do. Paying million dollar kickbacks on behalf of Centerville out of future sales tax at the expense of you they are entering into a risky scheme. Back scratching at the millionaire boys club welcome to the shark tank.

The Greene County Commission is poised to pass its own version of Bail Out T.A.R.P. to surrender up to $4.9 million in taxpayer funds (future sales tax receipts) to assist with the development for the Dille property for a city primarily located in Montgomery County. Why?

This $4.9 million taxpayer bailout is in addition to the millions of Greene County property tax dollars that will already be siphoned from every Greene County agency. Tax increment financing, or TIF, is a public financing method that is used as a subsidy from tax monies that is funded by property tax dollars and paid into the City of Centerville.

This means that the Greene County Health Department, Greene County Library, MRDD, Council on Aging/Senior Citizens, Bridge Levy, Greene Joint Vocational School, County and local Park District and any other property tax funded agency (with the purported exception of the local school district which struck a separate deal) will see significant property taxes paid by the big box developers diverted to Centerville to pay off bonds (Centerville debt) issued to subsidize public improvements made necessary by the big box. It is a way of subsiding developers and cities with your taxes. It stinks.

The more tax dollars given away the greater the unnecessary burden on you; the buck stops with you. Always does.

State law allows Centerville to give away, by way of subsidy, tax dollars through property taxes without regard to the impact on future services or your opinion on the topic. You have no say in that decision. What you do have a say in is the county commissioners giving sales tax kick backs. They need to say no!

The tax subsidy was used to promote the development of The Greene shopping, dining, entertainment and residential complex in Beavercreek. So with millions of Greene County property taxpayer dollars already set to be taken from Greene County agencies through Centerville’s TIF which has dug into your pocket giving subsidies that hurt Greene County, now they are asking for $5 million more and the county wants to say yes! We need to say no!

This is the first of two columns. David Buccalo is a former Bellbrook Mayor and Sugarcreek Township Trustee and guest columnist.