Time to undo Obamacare

December 16, 2013


When Obamacare was passed many had based it upon the idea everyone would have sufficient care with no risk to their own. Even opponents thought the care would be paid from current structure of taxes.

It was presented as a benevolent doctor like Dr. Graham, a real person referenced in “Field of Dreams.” Instead, it was fictional, ran like an unreal leader like Eddie Murphy’s “Nutty Professor.”

Everyone knows about the infamous website. Yet, eight major media giants have been only willing to report more. Questions need raised about “under cover” taxes. Is $325 month IRS enforcement really a tax? Is up to $1,500 a month for couple really paying off government debts rather than delivery of health?

Why not invest money in engineers who can bring new jobs to pay taxes? Look at history of our area — automatic transmission, airplane, cash register and many inventions. We can build things that create jobs — creating tax revenue by new jobs.

When too many jobs are sent out of country it takes revenue from all levels of government. Doesn’t it make us pay more taxes?

Since 1972, 40 million abortions means 20 million jobs do not need filled in America. This may allow more room for refugees and illegal aliens. However, when less people and less gainfully employees, does it not mean our taxes go up from those of us who work?

Finally, where can we go to avoid paying “curtain” taxes for “nutty” Obamacare? If we speak against it, will our care be compromised? There is no check and balance! Is it so far fetched to recognize we are indebted to dictatorships and “under cover” telling our leaders how to govern us?

— Jeff Flora, Bath Township

Lack of Democrat support for FairTax


As a supporter of the FairTax, I am somewhat mystified by Democrats’ lack of support for HB25/S122. I mean, it meets so much of their own agenda that their lack of support makes no sense.

Here are 10 reasons why Democrats should join Republicans in this non-partisan bill designed to help everyday Americans.

1. The FairTax is progressive and low income families will reap five times the benefit increase as the “wealthy.”

2. The FairTax gives the working poor and middle class a REAL salary increase.

3. The FairTax un-taxes everyone up to the poverty level by means of the prebate.

4. The FairTax stops the export of our jobs and in fact, will help bring many jobs back to our shores creating more good job opportunities for all Americans.

5.The FairTax un-taxes education.

6. The FairTax taxes only what you spend.

7. The FairTax will boost our economy.

8. The FairTax is revenue neutral.

9. The FairTax makes it easier to purchase a home.

10. The FairTax is NOT a political slogan. The FairTax IS NON-partisan.

The current tax code is broken. And it will take honest, dedicated, strong leaders from BOTH parties to fix it. And rememberxc, THIS truly is about our kids, their future, and what they will say about us.

To learn more about the FairTax, visit the web site at http://www.of/hfairtax.org and remember, once you understand it, you’ll demand it.

— Rose Zellmer, Fairborn