Dentist: Video to discuss oral problems in systemic health

By William Duffield Staff writer

December 8, 2013

XENIA — Did you know oral health can lead to other problems in your systemic health? It’s okay if you didn’t — according to Dr. Greg Austria, most people don’t.

Austria, the dentist who heads Brilliant Smiles Complete Health Dentistry, will help spread the word about what oral bacteria is capable of doing with a video, “Say AHH,” that will be shown at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 11, at the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center, located at 130 East Church Street.

“Say AHH” is the first documentary on oral health and takes a sobering look at “the state of our national health care system.”

“There is a direct and indirect correlation to oral bacteria and the health of the body systemic,” Austria said. “With decay, periodontal disease and other bacteria — the body can only fight so many infections.”

Austria said the new health care plan does not go far enough when it comes to dental care.

“I’m part of a group of dentists trying to help,” he said. “With costs rising, people are getting less healthy.

“Still, more people go to dentists for an annual checkup than go to their family doctor for an annual physical.”

The video, which runs 60 minutes in length, features doctors from such prestigious medical facilities as the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, brings out the fact that chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer are becoming more prevalent while lawmakers debate how to address it, and the answer to health problems is “right under our noses, right inside our mouths.”

“There are some very highly regarded doctor’s in the film,” Austria said. He added that he and members of his team will be on hand to answer questions after the video.

Austria said his office uses a “total care” plan with those who visit the office.

“We take the person’s blood pressure every time,” he said. “If you have a patient with high blood pressure, you can say ‘see your physician’.”

He added he is working with Terry Burns, president of Greene Memorial Hospital, to train the complete staff about the correlation.

“Dentists practice the way they were taught,” Austria said. “Dentists everywhere need to be updated with what they didn’t learn in dental school.”

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